Sunday, October 11, 2015

Once upon time there was a caterpillar his name was Nick. There used to be a beautiful house.  It had green grass. It had a colorful rose bush and blue sky and white clouds. But then a few years pass. Nick the caterpillar walked and walked. Nick the caterpillar saw a spooky house. That use to be beautiful it was paradise. But the sky was gray and the clouds were black and the grass was black.  It tasted yucky! And the rose bush was beautiful but the leaves were black and the roses were gray. The house was very old. Nick the caterpillar was inside when the door slammed by itself.  Nick the caterpillar tried to open it but it was jammed. He couldn’t get out he was upset. So he went to look around the old spooky house. Nick the caterpillar heard a spooky sound. He turned and saw a ghost.  Its eyes were brown and it had white teeth. The creepy ghost was old and scary.  It had lived in this house for years.  It growled at Nick.  Nick ran and yelled, “Help! Help! Help!”  No one, not even a single person heard him so Nick ran again until the ghost surrounded him.  The ghost grabbed him and Nick was never seen again!!  The End    


Long ago in a town near the woods, there was a little boy name Anthony.  Anthony he lived with his mother.   Anthony’s mother recently got divorced because the father cheated on her. He wondered, “Why did he do that? He betrayed us. He cheated on us.  Why, why did he do this to us?”  A few years have passed since then.  I’ve just been with my mother ever since that day.  One day, when Anthony was going home from school, he saw something rustle in the bushes in the woods.  Anthony went towards the bushes when he got close to the bushes a creature came out of the bushes went in to the woods. It was a caterpillar.  Anthony followed it to an old spooky house but when he went inside he couldn’t see it.  He then heard a faint yell.  “I’m lost!” the caterpillar screamed.  Anthony finally found it and took it home.  His mother was not sad anymore and didn’t think about the divorce.  They had a new thing to take care of.  The End

Once upon a time there was a little caterpillar his name is Bobby. He was in the haunted house. He was    eating Takis and someone knocked on the door.  Hello! Is anybody here but no one answered.  So he walked around and he saw a ghost.  He ran up the stairs as fast as he could and he didn`t see any more ghosts.  So he was still walking  around until he got lost and was never heard from again.  
Lewonte                         Three Little Ninjas              

Once upon a time there were three little Ninjas.  At home there were three little Ninjas and their father said “go and build your houses and live your life.” The first Ninja found sticks and he thought me might make a house out of it. Then second Ninja found straw and he had thought he might make a house out of it. Then the third Ninja found bricks but then there was a man. Then the Ninja said can have those bricks”. Then all Ninjas build the houses then a big bad wolf came then he went to the first Ninja house and he said “Little Ninja Little Ninja let me in”. Then the ninja said “Not under my house. And the wolf said I’ll huff puff and blow your house down. Then the Ninja ran to the second house then the wolf went to next house then the wolf said “little Ninja little Ninja let me in” and the Ninja said “not under my house”.  And the wolf said, “I’ll huff and puff and I’ll blow your house down. Then the little Ninjas went to the last house. Then the wolf said “little Ninja Little Ninja let me in” and the little Ninja said “Not under my house” then the wolf said I’ll huff puff and I’ll blow your house down. But the wolf can’t blow the house down. He tried and tried but he failed. Then the Ninjas live happily ever after but just then the wolf had a plan he invite the Ninja to a party. The Ninja went to the party they saw the wolf and he was at the party then the first Ninja said” this must be a trap .” then the  wolf held a sign up and it said “party  right here and this not an old spooky house!”
Once upon a time on Halloween night a caterpillar talked to me and said, “Go to the spooky house so did in there House his spirits still in there.” So it was a Halloween in the house, People was doing them his.  His spirit woke up in the house and store to some but same did not get out. Because will kill hem but he do not have the grew he is so he got some kids to help him because he cannot do it a lot because he cannot do it so he got the kids and wet in the house that sole the ghost so they got the Ghost so the KIDS  was happy.         The End     From Anthony
Well, we have had an exciting week at school.  The students created posters for Respect Week and entries for our classroom 2015-2016 time capsule that will be opened in May of 2016.  Computers and Internet were down.  The dean tried to burn the school down while popping pop corn. And it was pouring down rain with thunder and lightening!!  I had to miss a whole day to go to an assistive technology training and I hate missing school and my students.  We had a teacher flash mob and a pep rally.  I'm amazed we had time for actual learning!!  But this week my students did work very hard in creating stories from a story starter.  The setting, character and plot was a spooky old house, a caterpillar and someone getting lost.  So I'm adding the student's posts for them.  Here goes!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015


You know why I like computers so much?  It’s because we’re able to play games.  But also if you are good you can go on the computer and write to others.  The kinds of web sites we can go on are Cool Math and other web sites.  Getting to work on a computer at school is fun.  I’m learning to type but finding the right keys is kind of hard.

I Like computers because you can play games and type and you can go on  the internet  and you can do anything in the internet you could go on  any website you want and you could find lot of information. And don’t stay on the computer   to long or you will get probably pink eye or you will get a computer problem. So get off the computer and join the wild life and go camping with your family or go ride your bike. At school don’t get teased or laugh at so go and tell your teacher or dean. At home just be normal and be happy. Have respect and don’t be a jerk.

Hi I am Laura. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to go on computers at school.  I am very good at typing.  I love working on the computers and the computers help me sometimes.  Siri is a computer and she helps me find stuff like my destination when we are on trips.  When I need help with my homework she helps me with that and I love playing games because not all the time I get to go on computers and learn new things.  I love doing math on computers because the computer gives me hard work and I love hard work.  Anyway computers are special to me.  I have a very nice connection because it understands my math, science, and everything.  Well almost everything having to do with school.  Computers are very smart and sometimes when people can’t talk as much as other people it helps them.  I love writing, that is my passion.  I love it when I am mad or upset or other things. I get on the computer at my house and I write how I feel.  Sometimes it’s like my diary.  It keeps everything and nobody is able to see it. In a diary you have to bring it with you everywhere. Also, if you are in a different city call Siri and trust me, she will help.  I love to play games and talk to other people in the world and meeting new people online and I love working on computers because I never really go on computers. Its new but I love it.  That is why I love being on the computer.


I like computers because you get to play games in the computers.  My favorite game is Cool Math.  I love playing cooking games on Cool Math.  You can take orders for people and you can play mini games on cooking games.  I like to play the donut game. You have to take orders for people first and you make donuts.   And your person sees if you got his food correct.  And I like to play Oh Snow.  There is a monster running away from a snow ball the snow ball gets angry the snow ball try to get the monster.  Your monster has to run away from the snow ball watch out for the penguins.  I like to play the red ball.  The red ball is a hero who tries to save his round friends which the red ball is also round.  There are square bad guys who want to stop the red ball for saving the day. The bad guys made the red round balls to turn into square balls.  You have to watch out for the square guys.  Computers are my favorite thing to do! It’s fun to get on the computers and I like to type on the computers.

I like computers because it is fun and you can be on games.  You can take the Star test.  It is good for you because you can learn math.  It is fun.  You can write.  I like computer and math.  Sometimes we can be on the computer for more than one class.  We can play games like Cool Math.  

 I like Computers because I can play with my games and Cool Math and working on writing.  I love Cool Math and working and playing with my games.

I love computer  because  it  fun in there is a lot of things to do on it like games,  take tests,   learn new things.  It help us  and tells us  information about  things.  There’s a lot to do. 
This week we have been working on why the students like computers.  So the next few posts are from the kids.  We have been having issues with our classroom computers so I copied their entries onto a flash drive and will post them from my computer after school.  Thanks for your patience and for reading our blog!
My students are finding that typing a blog can be challenging.  Most have never used or are unable to use a computer keyboard.  Many times I will have them write the entry they want posted and will type it for them on our blog.