Friday, October 2, 2015


I like computers because you get to play games in the computers.  My favorite game is Cool Math.  I love playing cooking games on Cool Math.  You can take orders for people and you can play mini games on cooking games.  I like to play the donut game. You have to take orders for people first and you make donuts.   And your person sees if you got his food correct.  And I like to play Oh Snow.  There is a monster running away from a snow ball the snow ball gets angry the snow ball try to get the monster.  Your monster has to run away from the snow ball watch out for the penguins.  I like to play the red ball.  The red ball is a hero who tries to save his round friends which the red ball is also round.  There are square bad guys who want to stop the red ball for saving the day. The bad guys made the red round balls to turn into square balls.  You have to watch out for the square guys.  Computers are my favorite thing to do! It’s fun to get on the computers and I like to type on the computers.

I like computers because it is fun and you can be on games.  You can take the Star test.  It is good for you because you can learn math.  It is fun.  You can write.  I like computer and math.  Sometimes we can be on the computer for more than one class.  We can play games like Cool Math.  

 I like Computers because I can play with my games and Cool Math and working on writing.  I love Cool Math and working and playing with my games.

I love computer  because  it  fun in there is a lot of things to do on it like games,  take tests,   learn new things.  It help us  and tells us  information about  things.  There’s a lot to do. 


  1. America - I agree that Cool Math is a great game. Did you know there are fun drawing programs/games on the Internet too?? You are so creative I'd like to see you using technology to expand your writing.

  2. Avani - Your right that Cool Math is a good way to learn new math skills. There are more than just games on the computer that could help you learn. Check out some of the other educational websites that have reading and writing activities.

  3. Breanna - You are getting so good at typing. I can see you getting better at writing every day. I know it is hard for you but keep up the good work. You are a very smart young lady.

  4. Christian - You will learn a lot from technology. Your computer skills are very good but you need to concentrate a bit more when you are writing. Games can teach us a lot too.