Sunday, October 11, 2015

Once upon time there was a caterpillar his name was Nick. There used to be a beautiful house.  It had green grass. It had a colorful rose bush and blue sky and white clouds. But then a few years pass. Nick the caterpillar walked and walked. Nick the caterpillar saw a spooky house. That use to be beautiful it was paradise. But the sky was gray and the clouds were black and the grass was black.  It tasted yucky! And the rose bush was beautiful but the leaves were black and the roses were gray. The house was very old. Nick the caterpillar was inside when the door slammed by itself.  Nick the caterpillar tried to open it but it was jammed. He couldn’t get out he was upset. So he went to look around the old spooky house. Nick the caterpillar heard a spooky sound. He turned and saw a ghost.  Its eyes were brown and it had white teeth. The creepy ghost was old and scary.  It had lived in this house for years.  It growled at Nick.  Nick ran and yelled, “Help! Help! Help!”  No one, not even a single person heard him so Nick ran again until the ghost surrounded him.  The ghost grabbed him and Nick was never seen again!!  The End    


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  1. America - Your imagination just amazes me. You are such a bright writer. I love your detailed descriptions of the house and Nick. Great story! Ms. E