Sunday, October 11, 2015


Long ago in a town near the woods, there was a little boy name Anthony.  Anthony he lived with his mother.   Anthony’s mother recently got divorced because the father cheated on her. He wondered, “Why did he do that? He betrayed us. He cheated on us.  Why, why did he do this to us?”  A few years have passed since then.  I’ve just been with my mother ever since that day.  One day, when Anthony was going home from school, he saw something rustle in the bushes in the woods.  Anthony went towards the bushes when he got close to the bushes a creature came out of the bushes went in to the woods. It was a caterpillar.  Anthony followed it to an old spooky house but when he went inside he couldn’t see it.  He then heard a faint yell.  “I’m lost!” the caterpillar screamed.  Anthony finally found it and took it home.  His mother was not sad anymore and didn’t think about the divorce.  They had a new thing to take care of.  The End

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  1. William - I am very impressed that you took the concept of divorce from the story Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and used it to create a very good story about a caterpillar named Anthony. I like that you are listening and learning so much. Keep up the good work! Ms. E