Friday, October 2, 2015


You know why I like computers so much?  It’s because we’re able to play games.  But also if you are good you can go on the computer and write to others.  The kinds of web sites we can go on are Cool Math and other web sites.  Getting to work on a computer at school is fun.  I’m learning to type but finding the right keys is kind of hard.

I Like computers because you can play games and type and you can go on  the internet  and you can do anything in the internet you could go on  any website you want and you could find lot of information. And don’t stay on the computer   to long or you will get probably pink eye or you will get a computer problem. So get off the computer and join the wild life and go camping with your family or go ride your bike. At school don’t get teased or laugh at so go and tell your teacher or dean. At home just be normal and be happy. Have respect and don’t be a jerk.

Hi I am Laura. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to go on computers at school.  I am very good at typing.  I love working on the computers and the computers help me sometimes.  Siri is a computer and she helps me find stuff like my destination when we are on trips.  When I need help with my homework she helps me with that and I love playing games because not all the time I get to go on computers and learn new things.  I love doing math on computers because the computer gives me hard work and I love hard work.  Anyway computers are special to me.  I have a very nice connection because it understands my math, science, and everything.  Well almost everything having to do with school.  Computers are very smart and sometimes when people can’t talk as much as other people it helps them.  I love writing, that is my passion.  I love it when I am mad or upset or other things. I get on the computer at my house and I write how I feel.  Sometimes it’s like my diary.  It keeps everything and nobody is able to see it. In a diary you have to bring it with you everywhere. Also, if you are in a different city call Siri and trust me, she will help.  I love to play games and talk to other people in the world and meeting new people online and I love working on computers because I never really go on computers. Its new but I love it.  That is why I love being on the computer.


  1. William - I like that you enjoy playing games on computers but I'd like you to also learn to do computer based research as well. You enjoy watching Mysteries at the Museum on TV but you could also learn a lot more about other types of mysteries. I'd love for you to improve on your typing skills and use more than one finger, dude!! I've seen you play games with at least two fingers!! HaHa!!

  2. Lewonte - I really don't think you can get pink eye from the computer. Maybe you could research it and see how you can actually get pink eye. You are a very creative writer and a smart student. I'd like to see you using technology more at school and at home.

  3. Laura - Computers are a very good tool to use but keep in mind that the one who is the smartest is the computer operator. I like that you use the computer at home for writing and math. And I like how you are journal writing at home on your computer. This will help you get your feelings down so you can understand them better. Keep up the good work.