Sunday, October 11, 2015

Well, we have had an exciting week at school.  The students created posters for Respect Week and entries for our classroom 2015-2016 time capsule that will be opened in May of 2016.  Computers and Internet were down.  The dean tried to burn the school down while popping pop corn. And it was pouring down rain with thunder and lightening!!  I had to miss a whole day to go to an assistive technology training and I hate missing school and my students.  We had a teacher flash mob and a pep rally.  I'm amazed we had time for actual learning!!  But this week my students did work very hard in creating stories from a story starter.  The setting, character and plot was a spooky old house, a caterpillar and someone getting lost.  So I'm adding the student's posts for them.  Here goes!!!

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